Judy DiMarzo Survivorship Program: Making Life Better for Cancer Survivors


Living beyond cancer should be cause for celebration for the growing population of individuals who have persevered through its treatment.  Physicians and scientists at UR Medicine’s Wilmot Cancer Institute have created a Survivorship Program that embraces the challenge of meeting the...

Serving Breast Cancer Survivors & Gynecologic Cancer Survivors in Livingston County


It all began with a round table for breast cancer survivors in Dansville, NY.
In the fall of 2015, the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester facilitated a discussion at the Dansville Public Library to better understand the needs of breast cancer survivors living and working in...

My Journey With Breast Cancer


Over the years (like most everyone else) my family and friends have been affected somehow by cancer. And each time, a part of me would be relieved that it wasn’t me. That changed in December 2014. I was 58 years old, and very faithful about getting my annual mammograms every January, but was...